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Delivery to Canada

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The Nextools sandingdrum continues the company's success story and once again increases sales significantly in the third quarter. The first part of a delivery of 140 sandingdrums is on its way for our new dealer in north America.
With the second delivery, another 100 sandingdrums as well as various brushes and CNC holders will follow.

The Nextools sandingdrum are already enjoying great popularity worldwide and are used all over the world from Australia to Russia and Canada.


New company building

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Due to the steadily growing order situation, we have to massively expand production. For this purpose, we are moving our production to our new production hall with significantly more space on March 1st, 2021.


Sanding and structuring brushes

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We are now expanding our product range to include grinding and structuring brushes. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


New sandingdrum delivery

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A new batch of sandingdrums has been produced here, which can now be prepared for further processing.


GEWEMA Cooperation

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With the cooperation of GEWEMA AG we have gained another large dealer. From now on our products will also be sold by GEWEMA AG.


Expansion of dealers

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The expansion of Nextools dealers has been expanded worldwide, so that a large dealer network can now be used.



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After about a month of production, some good dealers have been recruited worldwide. The sale of the sanding drum has begun, and has now found an unexpected number of customers, so that the stock was sold out after a short time.
Hier geht es zu den Schleifigeln



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After a long development and many test phases, the development of the sanding durm has been successfully completed. Series production begins.

In the video above you get a brief insight into the product range of the sanding drum.
Here you will be forwarded to the sanding drum


new employee

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Shortly after the company was founded, and together with the construction of the production, the first employee and a long-time experienced production manager was hired.


Nextools - The Brand

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The name Nextools is composed of the two English words "Next" and "Tools". Together with the slogan "Tools for Tomorrow", the brand name and slogan express the future and customer-oriented tools for companies.

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