NEXTOOLS Sanding & structuring brushes

Structure and sanding with only one brush!

Can be used on all common machines

Whether CNC through-feed or table-top machine. Nextools tools are used everywhere.

100% Made in Germany

The production and quality assurance of our tools take place 100% in Germany.

Our standard program

Inner Diameter 60mm
H50, H100, H150
The smallest core diameter has 8 grooves, is available in 3 heights and is particularly suitable for CNC machines due to its small size.
Inner Diameter 100mm
H50, H100, H150
With a core diameter of 100mm and 12 slots, a good compromise between large and small. Suitable for all common machines.
Inner Diameter 120mm
H50, H100, H150
With its 120mm core diameter, this brush has 18 grooves. This benefits the service life in heavy use and high loads.

Nextools Brushes
Your advantage!

All dimensions

Do you need a different size? No problem, everything is standard with us!

Sanding & structuring

Sanding and structuring with just one body. No extra costs!

Brush and abrasive separately

The support brush and sanding flap can be changed separately from each other. In this way the costs are reduced to a minimum!

Our material

We have a wide range of different equipment for the Nextools brushes for different applications and quality requirements.
Short abrasive
The short sanding flap for a little more pressure when sanding.
Standard abrasive
The standard sanding flap for the standard sanding step after milling.
Long abrasive
The long sanding flap for the "soft touch" before and after painting.
For strong structuring of hard and soft woods.
Abrasive nylon
For structuring wood, preferably soft wood. Also suitable for brushing metals.
Dust brushes
For dedusting after processing e.g. after wide belt sanding.

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